Bayonetta Glasses: The Ultimate Confidence Boost in Eyewear

Written by Hannah Holowaychuk

Skinny glasses are back!

There has been a resurgence of narrow, rectangular frames over the past six months. The resurrection of this eye-catching style can be attributed to Gabbriette Bechtel and Bella Hadid. In late 2023, photos of the two models in chic-sexy frames began circulating on TikTok with the hashtag #bayonettaglasses.

Bayonetta, the star of the hashtag, is the beloved protagonist of the eponymous Bayonetta game franchise, developed by PlatinumGames. Since the release of Bayonetta in 2009, the angel-slaying witch has become a fan favourite, known for her playful and confident attitude. Critics like GameSpy‘s Gerald
Villoria praised Bayonetta as a dynamic character “presented in an ultra-stylish way.” Her embodiment of
sexiness and style has made her a muse for one of 2024’s hottest trends, inspiring fashion enthusiasts and
gamers alike.

Yoshesque Bayonetta Frames

Bayonetta (2009)

Mari Shimazaki, the lead character and art director for the Bayonetta franchise, took nearly a full year to
finalize Bayonetta’s bewitching design. Shimazaki was only given three requirements for Bayonetta’s
design: a female lead, a modern witch, and the fact that she carries four guns. Following those
requirements, Shimazaki played with various silhouettes and colour schemes. Shimazaki wanted Bayonetta’s design to be camp. An early concept art depicted Bayonetta’s long hair, which can morph into apparel, draped around her body like a feather boa. While the design was stunning, her hair restricted player visibility. Shimazaki altered the design to only gather Bayonetta’s hair around her sleeves. This alteration helped to accentuate Bayonetta’s (very) long limbs. Shimazaki felt that extending her limbs would make Bayonetta’s movements more appealing. It would also help her stand out from the petite female character design typically portrayed in video games.

Another unique element of Bayonetta’s design is her trademark glasses. Hideki Kamiya, the former
director of the Bayonetta franchise, insisted on glasses for Bayonetta, believing they would add
sophistication to her design – he was right! Her iconic rectangular frames not only added an air of
intelligence to her character but also showcased Bayonetta’s feminine fashion sense. In her debut, the
arms of her glasses form the image of a stained-glass butterfly wing, adding a touch of beauty to her look.



Bayonetta 2 (2014)

When Bayonetta returned for the second game in the franchise, she underwent a significant character
design transformation. Her new design reinvented the extravagant bodysuit that she previously wore and
introduced a masculine, side-swept pixie cut in place of her long hair. Unlike her original design, which
focused on curves, Bayonetta’s new design utilized straighter lines, marking a new chapter in her fashion

Yusuke Hashimoto, the director of Bayonetta 2, requested blue as the highlight colour for Bayonetta’s
outfit. Following Hashimoto’s request, Shimazaki incorporated a sapphire blue into the ribbon-like pattern
of Bayonetta’s new glasses. The glasses resemble a ribbon tied into the shape of a flower. The new design
is both mysterious and elegant.

Bayonetta 3 Gameplay

Bayonetta 3 (2022)

Bayonetta received a complete makeover in the third instalment of the series. Fans were introduced to a
cute and mischievous side of Bayonetta. Her new outfit was adorned with youthful details such as puffy
sleeves and a large bow on her lower back. Bayonetta’s (once again) long hair is styled in two ankle-
length braids. Purple and gold are used as highlight colours in her design. The ornate gold and purple
emblems on her outfit remind me of the stained-glass frames she wore in her original design.
The glasses worn by Bayonetta in the third game have a golden celestial pattern. The left arm has a
crescent moon symbol with a red eye, and the right has a golden sun symbol with a blue eye. Golden stars are speckled along the glasses’ black, hair-like, wavy arms. The design is charming and glamorous.

Gabriette styling Bayonetta Glasses

How to style Bayonetta Glasses

Many influencers have reinterpreted Bayonetta’s glasses to fit their aesthetic more closely. Most
frequently, an influx of red, oval glasses under the search term, “vintage metal frames” are also
a popular choice among fashion gurus. The Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster is currently
dominating this trend. We recommend checking out BAD MOUTH, a specialised vintage shop based in
London, for a variety of designs that range between classy and a little bit camp.
For more daring fans of Bayonetta’s style, check out replications of her frames. While currently
unavailable for sale, Yoshesque on Twitter/Etsy has created beautiful replicas of Bayonetta’s glasses from
the first three games.

While we mainly focused on Bayonetta’s keen eye for fashion, it’s her unapologetic attitude that truly makes her an attractive protagonist. She represents a type of heroine that is not frequently portrayed in the gaming industry. Bayonetta is powerful; and she knows it. Her self-confidence is why the internet
deemed sexy, narrow glasses as ‘Bayonetta glasses’.

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