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Diana June: Issue 03 Interview Preview

This article contains an excerpt of an exclusive interview with Diana June for Issue 03 of G.URL Magazine: “PARTY!”

Under the muted glow of my laptop screen, the face of Diana June flickers into view. Amidst a backdrop of her studio and vibrant art, our Zoom call commences, bridging the gap between two worlds—one steeped in the rich, enigmatic essence of sound design and the other, mine, eager for stories yet untold. Diana, a self-produced artist, sound composer, and illustrator, exudes a warmth that belies the complexity of her craft. “Yeah, I make music, some sound design for games. I also illustrate and I am about to release an EP,” Diana begins, her voice a melody of modesty and pride.

Diana June’s journey into the realm of music and sound wasn’t paved with gold but with an insatiable curiosity and a YouTube education. “Ever since I was a child, I always wanted to make music. Like it’s something that was in the back of my head because sometimes I can hear melodies, and I wanted to be able to release them in the world the same way I hear it in my head,” she shares, reflecting on the drive that propelled her from playing in bands as a teenager to mastering the art of production via online tutorials. Her toolkit? A combination of Cubase, Ableton, and recently, Logic, each offering a unique canvas for her to paint her auditory pieces.

“Ever since I was a child, I always wanted to make music.”

The conversation flowed seamlessly into the narrative of her musical influences, unveiling layers of Diana’s artistic persona. A childhood steeped in the complexities of jazz and an admiration for the theory of music laid the foundation for her explorations into sound. Yet, it was the discipline and structure she struggled with as a child that later became the bedrock of her creativity. “I studied jazz and I really liked all the theory part,” Diana mused, reflecting on her evolution from a young pianist grappling with the rigidity of classical training to an artist who revels in the freedom of composition and sound design.

Amidst our exchange, the topic of Diana’s experiences abroad, particularly in Japan, emerged as a pivotal chapter in her life story. The decision to venture beyond the familiar, driven by a yearning to experience the world in its myriad hues, shaped not only her perspective but also her art. Japan, with its contrast of luminous innovation and deep-rooted traditions, offered a canvas rich with complexity and contradiction. Diana mused, recalling her initial yearning for adventure and her eventual five-year stay in Japan, a period that deeply influenced her music and outlook on life. “I always wanted to see the world since I was very young. I always felt that there had to be more to life than this,” she articulated, her words painting a picture of a soul in search of depth and diversity in life’s experiences.

“I always wanted to see the world since I was very young. I always felt that there had to be more to life than this.”

It was in Japan that Diana encountered a dichotomy that resonated with her – the bright, innovative frontiers of its cities against the backdrop of a society grappling with rigid traditions. This juxtaposition, she noted, played a significant role in shaping her creative process, especially in the conception of her EP, Celeste. “Celeste is a nickname, the first nickname I was using online. So it has a lot of references to my childhood self,” she revealed, drawing a parallel between her personal evolution and the thematic essence of her music. Her upcoming EP Celeste, a labour of love and a testament to her growth as an artist, embodies the essence of her experiences, her dreams, and the unspoken melodies that have accompanied her throughout her life. “The EP is really a dialogue with my younger self, a way to reconcile my past ambitions with my current achievements,” Diana shared…

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Jenny O'Connor

Jenny O'Connor is the Editor in Chief of G.URL Magazine. She acts as the lead writer and sole designer of the magazine. She is a first class BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism graduate from the University for the Creative Arts. Her work has been featured in publications such as GameRant and SonnyDickson. Jenny's passion for gaming centers around the early 2000s era, and she holds a special affection for GameCube classics like Chibi Robo. Additionally, she has a keen appreciation for stylistic games, with a notable affinity for titles like Okami. Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn