G.URL Magazine Issue 02: Exclusive Interview Preview with Gabrielle Rosenstein

In the latest issue of G.URL Magazine, we delve into the artistic universe of Gabrielle Rosenstein, a multi-disciplinary artist renowned for her hyper-stylised depictions of the female form. Rosenstein, a visionary in the realms of sci-femme fantasy and queer artistry, speaks with us about her unique approach to art, which deftly blends contemporary issues with futuristic visions.

Rosenstein’s work transcends traditional mediums, as she excels in 2D and 3D art, animation, illustration, and design. Her artwork is a celebration of the queer identity, depicted through a multi-layered design process that pushes the boundaries of sci-femme fantasy. In our conversation, Rosenstein shares her journey and the inspirations behind her bold, empowered universe.

Renowned for her sleek style and unique aesthetic, Rosenstein’s art merges feminine charm with a powerful and subversive universe. Her influence is significant in the art world, particularly noted for challenging traditional norms and expectations.

Beyond her individual creations, Rosenstein has also established a fashion brand under the same name that echoes her artistic ethos. She discusses with G.URL Magazine how her work, celebrated in major publications and by global icons, is a vehicle for advocating broader representation and understanding in the queer community.

Rosenstein’s relentless pursuit of exploring and expressing queer identity through her art is a testament to her commitment to advocacy and empowerment. Join us as she discusses how her artistic journey and her role as a symbol of innovation and transformation in modern visual storytelling.

For the full, in-depth conversation with Gabrielle Rosenstein, be sure to grab your copy of G.URL Magazine Issue 02. Discover more about her artistic journey, the challenges she’s faced, and her vision for the future of her brand. If you’d like to find out more about the brand and Gabrielle herself, check out her website here.