G.URL Magazine Issue 02: Exclusive Interview Preview with Pom Pom Squad

In an exclusive interview with G.URL Magazine, Mia Berrin of Pom Pom Squad opens up about her musical journey, identity, and the powerful role of music in fostering self-acceptance and representation.

Mia Berrin, known artistically as Pom Pom Squad, is a name that resonates deeply within the music community. Her story is one of identity, struggle, and the power of music as a medium for expression and connection. In a candid interview with G.URL Magazine, Mia shared her experiences growing up as a queer woman of colour and how these experiences shaped her music.

As a woman in the male-dominated music industry, Mia emphasises the importance of community and mentorship. Mia is currently working on her second album, further exploring her identity and continuing to create music that resonates with her and her audience.

For the full, in-depth conversation with Pom Pom Squad, be sure to grab your copy of G.URL Magazine Issue 02. Discover more about her artistic journey, the challenges she’s faced, and her vision for the future of her music. If you’d like to find out more, you can check out Pom Pom Squad’s spotify here.