G.URL Magazine Issue 03: Exclusive Interview Preview with VisitNymph

In an exclusive encounter with G.URL Magazine, Nicole Arroyo and Tobey Parker of VisitNymph share the compelling narrative behind their unique artistic collaboration. Known for merging nostalgia with a modern twist, Nicole and Tobey’s journey began in the bustling streets of Queens, New York, where they transformed a decade of friendship into the innovative platform known as VisitNymph.

Nicole, reflecting on their shared roots and artistic inspirations, reveals, “We’re both from Queens, New York. That’s also a big part of our personalities… this September will be 10 years of friendship.” She delves into the significance of their background in shaping their project, emphasizing a deep respect for art cultivated from their days at an arts high school together.

The duo’s creative process is deeply personal yet universally appealing, creating a space where community and individual memories converge. Nicole expresses their joy in thematic creation, stating, “We love a theme like a Valentine’s Day theme, a Christmas theme. We love that,” highlighting their passion for curating content that resonates with their audience’s diverse experiences and preferences.

Looking to the future, Nicole discusses their aspirations to bring VisitNymph beyond the digital realm through physical pop-ups, aiming to enhance the tactile experience of their artistic expressions. “We would love to do pop-ups,” she shares, envisioning a more immersive interaction with their growing community.

For the full, rich dialogue and more insights into the minds behind VisitNymph, make sure to read the complete interview in G.URL Magazine Issue 03 “PARTY!” Discover the depth of their artistic vision and the personal stories that have shaped their journey. If you’re intrigued to see more of their work and community engagement, follow VisitNymph’s journey on instagram @visitnymph.