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NewJeans Unveil ‘Supernatural’ Pop-Up Store in Tokyo

With Exclusive Takashi Murakami Collaboration

NewJeans has taken over Shibuya, Tokyo with their dazzling new pop-up store, aptly named “Supernatural.” This unique shopping experience, which runs until July 15 at the Line Friends Square Shibuya, offers fans an exclusive chance to snag one-of-a-kind merchandise from the group’s high-profile collaboration with celebrated artists Takashi Murakami and Hiroshi Fujiwara.

The opening of the “Supernatural” Pop-Up was a vibrant affair, highlighted by the presence of Murakami himself. The acclaimed artist is known for his iconic multi-colored flower motifs, which he has seamlessly integrated into this collaboration. Fans can find these designs adorning a variety of merch items, including bags and physical albums, each character crafted specifically for the members of NewJeans.

Inside the Line Friends Square, the entire second floor is dedicated to this pop-up event. Alongside NewJeans’ exclusive items, the floor features beloved characters like Joguman and Truz, the official mascots of the K-pop boy group Treasure. This mix of popular K-pop culture icons creates an exciting, immersive experience for visitors.

The pop-up doesn’t stop at merchandise. The basement area, known as the DX Square, is transformed into an interactive media zone. Here, fans can dive into the NewJeans universe, watching music videos and special video messages from the group. It’s an all-encompassing celebration of NewJeans and their artistic collaborations.

For fans looking to explore more or plan a visit, additional details are available on the official website. Don’t miss this limited-time event that brings together cutting-edge art and the vibrant world of K-pop in one dynamic space.

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