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G.URL Magazine Issue 02 – Physical and Digital Bundle


Introducing the G.URL Magazine Issue 02 – Digital and Physical Copy Bundle!

We’re back… and Winter has descended; with it comes the cool embrace of G.URL Magazine’s second edition — “G.URL Goes Winter”. This is not just a magazine; it’s the cosy, candle-lit conversation you’ve been longing for during the long winter nights. If you’d like to support an independent magazine creator, G.URL is the magazine for you! :))

🌟 Inside G.URL Issue 02:

  • The Art of Boldness: Step into the visual feast that is Gabrielle Rosenstein’s imagination. Rosenstein, a design maverick, takes us on a snow-capped journey of her creative process. It’s a world where fashion and art collide, creating a wonderland of colors that defy the grey winter palette.
  • Digital Dreams in a Winter Landscape: Shedworks, with Greg at the helm, unveils how the enchanting worlds of video games are crafted. This interview isn’t just about what’s behind the screen; it’s about the dreams and challenges of digital storytelling that inspire us to find warmth in virtual worlds.
  • Rhythms That Shatter the Ice: Pom Pom Squad isn’t just a band; they’re musical revolutionaries who bring the heat with their sounds. Discover how their tunes can thaw the frostiest of hearts, as they discuss their latest sonic waves that have the industry and fans alike sitting up to listen.

Why G.URL?

This issue is a testament to the resilience and vibrancy of creativity in gaming during the face of the year’s coldest quarter. We explore the depth of inspiration that can be found when the world quiets down under a blanket of snow.

Stunning Visuals & Thoughtful Content:

  • Revel in pages adorned with exclusive artwork that capture the world of G.URL during winter.
  • Engage with thought-provoking articles and personal stories that embody the strength and solitude of the season.
  • Immerse yourself in diverse perspectives that challenge the norm, echoing the rebellious spirit of G.URL.

Collectible & Shareable:

G.URL Magazine isn’t just for reading; it’s a collectible item, a conversation starter, and a treasure trove of winter wisdom. It’s the perfect gift for the aesthete, the gamer, the music lover, and the winter wanderer in your life.

At G.URL Magazine, we’re more than just a publication; we’re a movement. We’re dedicated to amplifying the voices of female gamers and online culture enthusiasts, ensuring their stories are heard and their experiences celebrated. By purchasing this digital and physical bundle, you’re not only gaining access to an extraordinary read but also supporting our mission to create a gaming industry that’s inclusive and welcoming to all.

So why wait? Join our community of fierce and fabulous girl gamers today by adding the G.URL Magazine Issue 02 – Digital and Physical Copy Bundle to your collection. It’s time to level up your reading experience and be part of something truly special.