G.URL Magazine “THE COLLECTORS” Bundle


Celebrate the complete journey of G.URL Magazine with the exclusive Collector’s Bundle, featuring Issues 01, 02, and 03. This special collection encompasses the inaugural voyage through the world of feminine gaming, merging fashion, art, and music with the vibrant spirit of gaming culture.

Issue 01: “GURLWORLD” introduces the essence of G.URL, setting a strong foundation with its unique perspective on gaming and digital lifestyle through a feminine lens. It’s a deep dive into how gaming intertwines with day-to-day fashion and social interaction, establishing the magazine’s voice and vision.

Issue 02: “G.URL Goes Winter” wraps you in the cozy, artistic expressions of the colder months. Explore the serene beauty of winter through engaging stories, including a visual feast from Gabrielle Rosenstein and groundbreaking game development insights from Shedworks.

Issue 03: “PARTY!” bursts onto the scene with explosive energy, capturing the essence of celebration within gaming communities. This issue is a vibrant exploration of party culture, infused with the dynamic interactions that define gaming and digital festivities.

This Collector’s Bundle is not just a set of magazines but a treasure trove for enthusiasts of gaming, art, and music, offering an expansive view of the evolving digital landscape. Priced at £60, the bundle offers a £15 saving compared to purchasing each issue individually, making it an ideal addition to any collector’s library or a perfect gift for the gamer who cherishes a deep dive into culture and creativity. Dive into the full spectrum of feminine gaming with this beautifully curated collection.

Get every G.URL Magazine for a special bundle price and immerse yourself in the world where gaming meets femininity – because why settle for one when you can have all three?