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Unveiling Cattle Country: The Cosy Cowboy Adventure Life Sim

Playtonic introduces Cattle Country, a unique blend of cosy life simulation and frontier adventure, with a trailer featuring Roger Clark.

Playtonic has officially unveiled Cattle Country: The Cozy Cowboy Adventure Life Sim, a new game that promises to offer a unique blend of life simulation and adventure set against the backdrop of the American frontier. Players will step into the boots of a determined pioneer, traveling westward to start a new life amidst the rugged beauty of the mountains.

In Cattle Country, this Stardew Valley-esque sim lets players build and develop their own homesteads, take on bandits, uncover hidden plots, and cultivate a thriving community. The game’s emphasis on both adventure and cosy – we’re a British publication – life simulation sets it apart from typical genre fare.

Yesterday’s announcement was accompanied by the release of the game’s trailer, unveiled in collaboration with IGN. The trailer, which features the voice of Roger Clark—known for his role as Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2—provides a glimpse into the game’s richly detailed world and narrative depth.

You can watch the trailer here: Watch the Trailer.

For more information and to add Cattle Country to your wishlist, visit the game’s Steam page: Wishlist Here.

Stay tuned for further updates as G.URL continues to share more about this intriguing new addition to the life simulation genre.

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Jenny O'Connor

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