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G.URL Magazine Issue 01 & 02 Bundle


Step into a universe where gaming and feminine flair collide with G.URL Magazine’s inaugural issues. This exclusive bundle offers a double dose of insights, fashion, and culture from the feminine gaming landscape. Issue 01, “GURLWORLD,” sets the stage with a retro-futuristic journey through gamer girl dreams, featuring articles that blend the nostalgia of gaming with the cutting edge of fashion. Issue 02, “G.URL Goes Winter” builds on this foundation, pushing boundaries and exploring deeper into the vibrant intersection of style, music, and gaming.

Both issues are crafted with the same attention to detail and passion that has become synonymous with G.URL Magazine, making them not just informative reads but collector’s items as well. Whether you’re a long-time gamer, a fashion-forward thinker, or someone who appreciates the art of storytelling through digital culture, this bundle will inspire and entertain.

Get both for a special bundle price and immerse yourself in the world where gaming meets glam – because why settle for one when you can have both?